Kuopio Water Cluster

Cooperation between research organizations
and companies based on real-world challenges

Kuopio Water Cluster (KWC) offers services for members boosting innovation (support for innovative regional, national and European projects), promoting internationalisation and accelerating SMEs growth.
Foundations for KWC were laid 20 years ago in Kuopio Science Park. KWC has been officially operating since 2018 and is the only water cluster operating in Finland listed by ECCP and Bronze Label by ESCA. KWC represents Pohjois-Savo (Northern Savonia) region in interregional partnership for industrial modernisation within the S3P – WST. The cluster is also closely connected with DigiCenterNS (local DIH) and BusinessCenter Pohjois-Savo, which are key actors supporting digitalisation and business development.
In addition to the founding members, the cluster includes a growing number of company members (currently +65) connecting innovative start-ups, SMEs, technology providers of different sizes and associations acting in the water sector. The cluster offers a one-stop solution for rapid product development, testing and commercialisation services for companies operating in the water technology sector.

The platform for product development, testing, demonstrations supported by commercialization services

KWC provides access to specialised laboratories, experts, and assisting personnel from all partnering organisations. KWC provides water sector expertise, but also connects with other sectors to boost cross-sectoral cooperation, internationalisation and increased resilience of the business in the EU.

Our business Partners

Our activities during IWA WWCE2022

You can meet the Kuopio Water Cluster team in the Finnish Pavilion. Kuopio Water Cluster is organizing a workshop in the Nordic area on the topic of applied Smart Water – more details in the exhibition programme. 

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